Dress Code

2021 - 2022 

St. Landry Parish Dress Code





Students have a right to a safe and orderly environment. Uniforms have been shown to result in a safe and orderly environment for learning. The St. Landry Parish School District has adopted a policy that requires all students shall wear uniforms. The St. Landry Parish School Board believes that a mandatory school uniform policy will provide a more secure environment, promote an atmosphere for greater discipline, and increase learning opportunities for all students. The student dress code policy shall apply to all students in grades prekindergarten through 12th grade. This policy shall apply to all students attending public schools in St. Landry Parish.


The principal of each school shall make the final decision about proper or improper dress according to the guidelines provided. School Spirit Day and any other school activities requiring a deviation from the uniform policy will be left to the discretion of the principal. Any substantial complaint concerning the dress code shall be dealt with by the school administration.

     1. THE UNIFORM SHIRT - The shirt shall consist of a white or navy polo knit shirt with no logo and with either short or long sleeves. Each school will have the option of another colored shirt. The optional top may have the school logo imprinted on the left chest over the heart. All shirts must be tucked in at the student's waist. All shirts must be long enough to remain tucked when seated. An undershirt may be worn under the uniform top. The undershirt must be white and the sleeve cannot be longer than the sleeve length of the uniform top. Turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks are not allowed under/over the uniform shirt.

NOTE: Maternity wear will consist of a white or navy button down blouse or school optional color shirt. The white or navy maternity blouse need not be tucked. However, standard uniform shirts must still be tucked.

     2. UNIFORM BOTTOMS - Bottoms shall consist of classic, traditional, straight leg dark khaki/navy cotton twill uniform pants or walking shorts with a finished hem (side slits on hems are not allowed). Uniform bottoms must fit at the waist and crotch and be within one (1) size of student's actual waist/inseam measurement. No cargo pockets or flaps on back pockets are allowed on uniform bottoms. Bell-bottoms, joggers, carpenter/cargo style pants, hip huggers or jeans of any color and/or type are not allowed. Brand name emblems on uniform bottoms may not exceed 1" to 2" in size. All uniform bottoms must have a waistband with belt loops. Walking shorts shall not be more than four inches (4") above the back crease of the knee. Sagging of the uniform bottoms will not be allowed.

NOTE: Maternity wear will consist of uniform colored maternity pants. Should uniform bottoms be worn, they must remain zipped and buttoned.

     3. UNIFORM BOTTOMS FOR GIRLS - In addition to the above uniform bottoms, traditional style uniform jumpers and skirts will be allowed and must have a finished hem and shall not be more than four (4) inches above the back crease of the knee. All items of clothing must be worn as intended by design. Allowable colors are dark khaki and navy. Overalls are not permitted. Stone, white or dark brown uniform bottoms are not allowed. Dark khaki/navy skorts are allowed for Pre-K-2nd grade.

NOTE: No tight or revealing clothing worn by any student will be tolerated.

     4. BELTS - A black, brown, khaki, white, navy or optional school color belt must be worn or a plain belt with a buckle no larger than 2" x 3". No studs will be allowed. The entire length of the belt must be worn inside the loops. Hanging of any part of the belt outside the belt loops is not allowed. However, Pre-K through 2nd grade students may wear uniform bottoms with an elastic waistband without having to wear a belt. Belt loops should not be removed; if present, a belt must be worn for Pre-K-2nd grade.

     5. SOCKS - Socks must be worn at all times. They must be solid navy, white, black, brown or the school optional color with no inappropriate emblem or logo.

     6. SHOES - Students must wear a closed shoe (front and back). Sandals, clogs, flip-flops, slippers, or other similar types of shoes are not allowed. Shoes must be laced and tied; Velcro straps must be secured.

     7. OUTERWEAR - In cold weather, students will be allowed to wear the following over their school uniform:

SWEATSHIRT - A sweatshirt must be waist length with a tight, ribbed elastic bottom, must be plain, solid colored in black, white, heather gray, or navy with no emblem, logo, or marking. Students can wear a sweatshirt in the optional school color with school logo. SWEATER - Crew neck, v-neck, or cardigan style (those that button or zip from the bottom) sweaters must have sleeves, must be waist length, must be plain, solid-colored in black, white, heather gray or navy with no emblem, logo, or marking. Optional school color with school logo and school-issued sweaters are permitted.

LIGHTWEIGHT JACKET/WINDBREAKER/COAT - All outerwear, except for sweatshirts, must zip, button, or snap from top to bottom and must not be longer than upper midthigh. Outerwear must be plain, solid-colored in black, white, khaki, heather gray or navy with no emblem, logo, or marking, however, jackets in the optional school color with school logo and school-issued jackets are permitted.


The principal, not uniform vendors should address any questions about the dress code. Although it is impossible to anticipate all problems, distracting "fads" which disrupt the spirit, education, philosophy, or dignity of the St. Landry Parish School District will be unacceptable.



The only body piercing jewelry girls will be allowed to wear is earrings. Body piercing jewelry and make-up is not allowed for males. Excessive jewelry worn by both males or females or excessively worn make-up that distracts from the learning environment or poses a safety problem will not be allowed. Pre K- 6 school males may not have a mustache or facial hair; 7 – 12 school males may have a well-groomed, neatly trimmed mustache; other facial hair is not allowed.


Hairstyles for both males and female that are distracting in length, style, or color are prohibited. It is to be restrained as to be pulled back for health, safety, and identification of the student. The principal or his/her designee will determine this. Spiked hair including mohawks for both males and females is not allowed. Hair on males, no matter what style, that is longer than the bottom of the earlobes on the side, below the eyebrows in the front, and longer than the top of the collar in the back is not allowed. Ornamentation such as ribbons, bows, beads, etc. are not allowed for males.



All students have a responsibility to dress and appear on school campuses according to standards of propriety, safety and health set forth by the St. Landry Parish School Board and the School Improvement Team.


The School Improvement Team will, after consultation with the populations they represent, recommend to the principal a suggested dress and grooming code in order that the principal may make informed decisions regarding the dress and grooming code for the school. The principal will make his/her decision in accordance with the constitution and laws of the United States of America and the state of Louisiana. The dress and grooming policy shall be posted at each school, and a copy sent home to each parent. Please refer to the School Handbooks for more detailed dress code information.


Student dress and grooming are not to adversely affect the students’ participation in classes, school programs, other school related activities or detract from the learning environment of the school. Extremes in style and fit in student dress and extremes in style of grooming will not be permitted. Administrators are authorized to use their discretion in determining extremes in styles of dress and grooming and what is appropriate and suitable for school wear. No student shall wear, possess, use, distribute, display or sell any clothing, jewelry, emblem, blade, symbols, sign or other things which are evidence of affiliation with drugs, alcohol, violence or gang related activities or exhibits profane or obscene language/gestures. Policies regarding dress and grooming stress the importance of reducing distractions that inhibit learning and are addressed as an attempt to enhance the learning environment.